Installing Secondlife on Linux

Few days ago I formatted my laptop and again made it a dual boot, but this time around I installed Ubuntu 8.10 instead of Kubuntu’s latest version and fell in love with it. I never liked Gnome but this time I couldn’t leave Gnome, even though Kubuntu with exciting features of KDE 4.1 was also attracting me. So, as I was re-installing my softwares, I thought that I should install Secondlife on linux instead of Vista(as I seldom use Vista anymore), even though I was unsuccessful last time.

Step 1 : Download the tar.bz2 file from


Step 2 : Now use your file manager to reach to the location where the file has been saved and extract it by using an archive     manager by double clicking on it .


Step 3 : After extracting move to the location where you have extracted the contents and double click the file named “secondlife” and choose the option “run” to run the file.



Step 4 : Enjoy your stay at the Virtual World.


This is the GUI approach of installing Secondlife on Linux, you can also install it by using the commandline.

Command line version of SL install on Linux :

Step1 : Download the tar.bz2 file from

Step2 : Move to the location where you saved the above downloaded file and then type the following command

anmol@anmol-laptop:~$ cd sl

In place of  “sl” the name of the folder where you downloaded the file.

anmol@anmol-laptop:~/sl$ tar xvf SecondLife-i686-

Instead of “SecondLife-i686-”, type the name of the file that you have downloaded.

Step3: Move to the extracted folder using “cd” command and then on the terminal type “./secondlife” to start SL . Steps are shown below.

anmol@anmol-laptop:~/sl$ ls
SecondLife-i686-  SecondLife-i686-
anmol@anmol-laptop:~/sl$ cd SecondLife-i686-
anmol@anmol-laptop:~/sl/SecondLife-i686-$ ./secondlife

I hope, you’ll be able to install Secondlife on your linux distro and enjoy your Secondlife to the fullest.  😀


Web Programming Lecture in Second Life

On 10 August 2008 , I ,Anmolanand Inshan*, got an oppertunity to attend a Live lecture on Web Programming through Ruby and Ruby on Rails in my Second Life . The lecture was delivered by Professor Arun Nighfire* (Arun Mehta) at the Kaosome hub . Apart from me other people who attended the lecture were Al Supercharge* , Freemason Magic* and Pechkin Lavochkin*. Both Al and Freemason were familiar with web programming , Al knows PHP and Freemason knows LSL i.e Linden Scripting Language . Pechkin Lavochkin is a SOMA Intern and Site Manager.

Basically , Professor Mehta told us about the beauty and simplicity of Ruby and Ruby on Rails . He also showed us his framework Skid (Special Kid) which has been designed for Special children(example : those with Cerebral Palasy , Autism etc ) to help them to communicate easily and help them to come into the mainframe of the life .

One of the things which I noticed when I was hearing to the lecture was that there was an amplification in the voice when I went towards Professor Mehta .

So , this lecture was aimed to give an Insight into Ruby , RoR and Skid , so that people can learn Ruby and RoR and also help in making new modules for Skid , if they want .

I am making a module which will help children with simple Picture editing . 🙂

The next lecture is scheduled for 17 August 2008 , 2230 hrs by IST and round about 10 am by Second life time . You can check the Second Life Events for correct timings and Venue as there can be a change .

To know more about Second Life , click here

* Names in Second Life