TI MSP430F2013 USB Microcontroller

I got a chance to work on Texas Instruments MSP430 Usb Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller along with my friend Rohit and Prof. Arun Mehta . We were trying to run the inbuilt “Flashing the LED ” demo program . Initially , we were not able to run the program and the program was not getting debugged on Windows Vista , but then we shifted to Windows XP .

We installed the inbuilt driver present on the cd of MSP430 on XP and then tried again. This time the program got debugged correctly and the LED on the Usb Microcontroller started flashing .

The User Guide helps us to run the FLASHING LED program and gives a step by step tutorial . User guide also has schematic digram of the Usb Microcontroller and gives a detailed Hardware Installation or Driver Installation guide.

The user guide can be downloaded from : www.farnell.com/datasheets/85838.pdf

On searching Wikipedia about TI MSP430 , i found useful information regarding MSP430 families,peripherals , debugging tools , development interface and development platforms

Information regarding MSP430 on Wikipedia can be found at : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSP430

Getting Started tutorials can be found from the link below :