Setting up Internet connection on Kubuntu Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix

” How will I set up my internet connection on my Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix ?? ” , this was my biggest worry which was stopping me from installing Kubuntu Hardy Heron Kde4 remix on my notebook as I had read that setting up a network was a bit complicated on this platform.

So , I have found a good solution for getting connected to Wireless networks . To connect to a wireless network install Wifi-radar on your system .

To install wifi-radar , write on konsole sudo apt-get install wifi-radar

Once wifi-radar has been installed run it by typing on konsole sudo wifi-radar

Once you open the wifi-radar , it will check about all the available wireless networks and help you to connect with them. Just choose the netowk to connect and press the “connect ” button .

Another thing which you can try for wired networks is dhclient , it comes preinstalled in most of the linux based versions . All you have to do is , goto the konsole and type ‘sudo dhclient‘ and the rest will be handled by the software itself .

Last but not the least , I share with you a very nice tutorial on ” How to set up internet on Hardy Heron Kde4 remix ” . Click the following link below to open the blog :

I hope this post will help you to solve your internet problems 😀


Installing Rmagick on Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix

I wanted to learn Rmagick and so the first step was to install Rmagick , so that I can use it in my Ruby applications and work with images too .

I found many solutions to install Rmagick on linux but after trying them out , I found out that Rmagick is not installed properly and I am not able to work with it .

Installing Rmagick can take near to 1 hour and therfore please be patient and let the system do whatever it is installing when Once the command has been given .

Installing Rmagick takes time and it is not so easy , as I found out 😀 .

So , below is the link which I followed to install Rmagick on my notebook

Most systems have tools specified in Step 0 and Step 1 already installed , so please check your system , so that you don’t install the preinstalled tools .

After confirming that you have the tools preinstalled , you can proceed with Step 2 and Step 3

In Step2 , I have installed ImageMagick and to know how to install ImageMagick on linux , go to and follow the instructions under ” Install from

Unix Source “.

After successfully installing ImageMagick , return to

and follow the Step 3 to install the Rmagick gem .

When you are successfully done with Rmagick installation , then write the command ‘locate rmagick‘ in the konsole and check the directory where Rmagick is installed , as this directory path can be very helpful for for future use .

I think , my post will help you in the installation of Rmagick and if this post doesn’t help you in successful installation of Rmagick then you can try other blogs and sources as well , because sometimes different distributions of linux need different steps to install cartain tools 🙂

Bluetooth in Kubuntu : How to set up and use ?

I tried setting up bluetooth in my Kubuntu Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix and after two tries I was successful in doing so , and that is why I thought that I should discuss it with you .

Setting up bluetooth is very easy , go to the Konsole / Terminal and type

sudo apt-get install kdebluetooth

it will ask you for your password and after you provide your password the installation will start .After installing some packages , you will asked the following question:

After this operation, 7037kB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]?

type ‘ y ‘ and press enter , the installation will complete in some time .

Now , to start bluetooth , write “kbluetooth” on the konsole / terminal and press enter .

You will see an icon of “kbluetooth”  in your panel(the one marked with a red circle and and an arrow)

Click on the image , if you are not able to view  it .

Go to the icon , right click on the icon and select  “send file

A window will open , whose image is given below  :

Searching Bluetooth Device(s) :

To search the bluetooth device(s) presently available , click the “search” button on the bottom left .

Sending file(s) to Bluetooth Device(s):

To send file(s) , choose the file(s) from the folder  and drag them into the box above the “send” button . Choose the device from the searched devices , click on the device to whom you want to send the file(s) and then click on “send” button . Your file(s) will be sent to the desired device . 🙂

Installing MySQL Server on Linux (Ubuntu and Kubuntu) for Ruby and Rails

I have installed MySQL on my Hardy Heron KDE4 remix after repeated efforts and that is why I thought that I should list the steps showing how to go about the task.

First of all open the terminal/konsole and type there “sudo apt-get install mysql-server ” and then press enter. You will be asked for your password and after providing password the installation will begin . In this you will also have to set up your MySQL password , so that your database remains secure .

Post installation type ” mysql -u root -p ” , you will be asked for your mysql password and after providing password , You should see the following :

Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 11
Server version: 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.1 (Ubuntu)

Type ‘help;’ or ‘\h’ for help. Type ‘\c’ to clear the buffer.


If you see the above lines ,it means you can now work on MySQL, as far as i have understood this .

Installing MySql driver :

In konsole type “apt-cache search libmysqlclient ” to find out the different library versions available.You will see text similar to the following :

libcrypt-mysql-perl – Perl module to emulate the MySQL PASSWORD() function.
ser-mysql-module – contains the MySQL database connectivity module
libmysqlclient15-dev – MySQL database development files
libmysqlclient15off – MySQL database client library

Next install the library by typing ” sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev ” on the konsole . Library will depend on the version of MySQL you are using , you can select your library from the output which comes after writing  “apt-cache search libmysqlclient” and then pressing tab two times .

Install MySQL driver with the Ruby ” gem install ” command . Type ” sudo gem install mysql ” on the konsole , here you will get various options choose “mysql-2.7” or any other latest version and install it . On successful install you will get a message stating that mysql-2.7 has been Successfully installed .

Your Installation of mysql is complete .

If you are new to MySQL , like me , you can install MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator from the Adept Manager or Synaptic both of which are default package managers for kubuntu and ubuntu respectively. I have installed Query Browser and Administrator from Adept Manager as I am a Kubuntu user .

Volume Control in Hardy Heron KDE4 Remix

I was listening to a song on my newly installed Hardy Heron Kde4 remix , I wanted to increase the volume but I was not able to find the Volume Control icon in my Kde 4 panel . So i have found a solution to this problem 😀 .

The solution to this problem is quite easy , go to Konsole and write Kmix and then press Enter .

On pressing Enter the icon (speaker) will appear in the panel (second from right in the picture below)

Now you can control volume of your system by right clicking on the icon in the panel . If volume is still low , you can go to the icon in the panel , right click on the icon and then choose “mixer” option below and increase the “front volume” to full , to get the maximum sound output. 🙂

Installing Hardy Heron KDE4 Remix with Vista

I tried making my HP dv6314tx laptop a dual boot system having Vista and Hardy Heron KDE4 remix . I was not able make appropriate partitions and install Hardy . I searched and found a very interesting tutorial which helped me cruise through the installation .

The tutorial describes the method for making partition in Windows Vista because many partition making softwares do not work on Vista . Basically , it tells a method to shrink all the data present on the hard disk on which you want to install Hardy and then use the free space created by shrinking to install Hardy Heron there.

Please take back up of your important data before attempting the method described in the tutorial .

To go the tutorial website , click here

If you feel that amount of free space for installing Hardy is too much or too less , abort installation , go back to Vista and Extend or Shrink as you like.

I hope this will help you.

Please leave a comment as this would help me in improving , Thanks 🙂