Youtube videos for PocketSMS


Recently, some videos that were related to my application, PocketSMS for Android, were uploaded on Youtube.

I am posting these videos below :

SMS for those both deaf and blind(Working explained)

Vibrations: Free Software for those both blind and deaf

Android input for the Deaf-Blind Graffiti(keyboard Installation)

Downloading and Installing PocketSMS


PocketSMS and MorseTrainer version 1.1 developed


I have developed version 1.1 of  PocketSMS and MorseTrainer.

PocketSMS version 1.1, allows you to send a message to the person of your choice by typing in their number, and, apart from that the problem of automatic opening of the keyboard when moving from reading to writing section or vice-versa has been resolved in this version.

MorseTrainer version 1.1,  shows the morse code of the alphabet that you want to learn, along with vibrating it. Each dot or dash that is being vibrated is also shown one by one being appended to the text currently present in the textbox.

The app will be available shortly for free download from

Thanks 🙂

PocketSMS : Android SMS application for deaf-blind persons

I have developed an Android application that enables persons who are deaf and blind both to receive and send SMS. I have named this application, PocketSMS.

I developed this application using App Inventor by Google, under my Summer Training at Bapsi.

Below, I am posting various links related to PocketSMS application ranging from working of app, help documentation, downloading tutorial etc.

Link to download PocketSMS :

PocketSMS page on Bapsi website :

Video link explaining the theme and working of project :

Online Help Manual for PocketSMS explaining how to download PocketSMS, how to download Graffitti keyboard for using with the app, How deaf-blind persons can learn Morse code etc :

Pdf Download link for PocketSMS Help download :

So, above are the links that will help you download and understand concept behind making PocketSMS app.

I hope you will like my work 🙂

App Inventor : Books, Tutorials, Mailing Lists, Groups etc


I have finished my SMS app for deaf and blind, and, I have written it in App Inventor ( will blog about it soon ).

I thought I should write a post regarding the tutorials available on the internet for App Inventor, that I had used to learn the nuances of App Inventor. So below is the list ::

Introduction to App Inventor, before starting

Books and Videos


Reference Documentation

Mailing Lists / Forums / Groups 

I hope this will help you in your quest to learn App Inventor and create Apps.
All the best 🙂

App Inventor : Blocks editor opens but it’s blank, work lost


I making an app that will enable people who are deaf-blind to send and receive sms. I have been using App Inventor for quite some time now, and, I am using it for making an initial version of that app.

In this post I will be discussing about a problem that I faced in App Inventor while making the app, and, I will also discuss it’s solution.

Problem : I designed and programmed the app using web browser Firefox in the afternoon. When I tried to load it at night, the Blocks editor opened, but, it was all blank, and, all the work that I had done had vanished.

Solution : Close the browser in which you tried opening the blocks editor using App Inventor initially, and, try opening using another browser.

In my case, I case I opened the app using Firefox initially, but, after the error occurred, I shifted to Chrome and everything worked fine.

Caution : Don’t open App Inventor in two browsers at the same time, as, you can lose your work in such a situation.

All the best … Happy Learning 🙂