Enabling Macros and ActiveX in Excel


It’s time now for Indian Citizens to file their Income Tax Returns, and, this time the procedure to file the returns is online. So, instead of penning down your details on paper you have to fill the same details in Spreadsheet, which is full of macros that will reduce the manual work that you had to do earlier.

This is a great idea, and, a great step by Income Tax department. The problem that most of the people were facing was that of macro buttons not functioning when on clicking them.

The solution for the problem (if using Microsoft Office 2007 and above ) is as follows :

1. It’s best to use Microsoft Office, as, the Spreadsheet is in .xls format, which is propriety of Microsoft Office, so, If you are using OpenOffice or any other tools and facing problems, switch to Microsoft Office, if you can.

2. Now on Enabling the Macros in the xls sheet
a. Go to the Windows button on the top left of the window and click it.

b. On clicking the button, a panel will open. In that panel, click on the “Excel options” button on the botton right.

c.  A new window will open. Click on “Trust Center”

d. A new window appears, click on Trust center settings

e Click on “Macro Settings ” in the menu on the left hand side. In this click on the radio button against the option “Enable all macros (….)”

f. Now, click on “ActiveX Settings ” in the menu on the left hand side. In this click on the radio button against the option “Enable all controls without restrictions ……….”. 

g. Save the work if you had filled some fields in the form. Close the MS-Excel and reopen the file. Now the macros should work fine.

There is a help text file in the rar that you have downloaded from Income Tax department site. You can refer to that also if you are having MS Office version 2003 or below.

Thanks 🙂

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