PocketSMS and MorseTrainer version 1.1 developed


I have developed version 1.1 of  PocketSMS and MorseTrainer.

PocketSMS version 1.1, allows you to send a message to the person of your choice by typing in their number, and, apart from that the problem of automatic opening of the keyboard when moving from reading to writing section or vice-versa has been resolved in this version.

MorseTrainer version 1.1,  shows the morse code of the alphabet that you want to learn, along with vibrating it. Each dot or dash that is being vibrated is also shown one by one being appended to the text currently present in the textbox.

The app will be available shortly for free download from http://www.bapsi.org/Home/vibrations-series-of-products-for-deafblind

Thanks 🙂

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