App Inventor : Blocks editor opens but it’s blank, work lost


I making an app that will enable people who are deaf-blind to send and receive sms. I have been using App Inventor for quite some time now, and, I am using it for making an initial version of that app.

In this post I will be discussing about a problem that I faced in App Inventor while making the app, and, I will also discuss it’s solution.

Problem : I designed and programmed the app using web browser Firefox in the afternoon. When I tried to load it at night, the Blocks editor opened, but, it was all blank, and, all the work that I had done had vanished.

Solution : Close the browser in which you tried opening the blocks editor using App Inventor initially, and, try opening using another browser.

In my case, I case I opened the app using Firefox initially, but, after the error occurred, I shifted to Chrome and everything worked fine.

Caution : Don’t open App Inventor in two browsers at the same time, as, you can lose your work in such a situation.

All the best … Happy Learning 🙂

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