Using Derby database in Netbeans IDE

I was working on my project, “Public Distribution System”, and, I needed to use a database to store and retrieve data from the database. I tried the Type 1 connectivity with SQL Server, but, was unsuccessful.

I tried to correct the problem for around 10 days, by trying almost each and every solution given on the internet, but, none proved fruitful.

Some of my batch-mates were also unsuccessful in setting up Type1 connection, and, I am not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but, all of us were having Windows 7 OS (64-bit version) on our laptops.

Then I decided to go with Type 4 connectivity in Java, and, while I was searching tutorials for the same, I came across a tutorial explaining  how to use Derby database  in Netbeans.

The tutorial link is as follows :

This link was easy to grasp and has explained the using of database in a stepwise manner.

So, if you are also stuck in setting up a database connection, then, I hope my post will help in providing a solution to your problem.

All the best 🙂

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