Skid Software launch and my Presentation at India International Centre(IIC),New Delhi

On 10 October 2008, Skid software was officially launched at the India International Centre, New Delhi, India. In this launch Dr.Arun Mehta told people about the problems with which an Autistic child suffers from and also about the inaction on the government’s part.

All the people who had gathered there were shown the video of Arpit (whose blog is in my blogroll),an Autistic child, using the Skid software with the help of a gaming wheel. You can see the video below

You can see Arpit using the gaming wheel in the above video.

Arpit was also there at the function.

I was also given a chance to demo my cropping and picedit modules at IIC, main hall . First, I gave demo of my crop module and showed them by cropping a picture . Next I demonstrated the picedit module and as soon as people saw the border being added to the picture i realisedĀ  they understood the whole working as there were reactions from the audience.

One autistic girl from the audience came up the stage and tried her hand at the Skid software. The girl did some typing with the help of the gaming wheel and looked very excited and happy with the software.

All in all it was a great learning experience as it was the largest gathering in front of whom I have given a presentation and also an honour to speak at the India International Centre, Main Hall .

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