Web Programming Lecture in Second Life

On 10 August 2008 , I ,Anmolanand Inshan*, got an oppertunity to attend a Live lecture on Web Programming through Ruby and Ruby on Rails in my Second Life . The lecture was delivered by Professor Arun Nighfire* (Arun Mehta) at the Kaosome hub . Apart from me other people who attended the lecture were Al Supercharge* , Freemason Magic* and Pechkin Lavochkin*. Both Al and Freemason were familiar with web programming , Al knows PHP and Freemason knows LSL i.e Linden Scripting Language . Pechkin Lavochkin is a SOMA Intern and Site Manager.

Basically , Professor Mehta told us about the beauty and simplicity of Ruby and Ruby on Rails . He also showed us his framework Skid (Special Kid) which has been designed for Special children(example : those with Cerebral Palasy , Autism etc ) to help them to communicate easily and help them to come into the mainframe of the life .

One of the things which I noticed when I was hearing to the lecture was that there was an amplification in the voice when I went towards Professor Mehta .

So , this lecture was aimed to give an Insight into Ruby , RoR and Skid , so that people can learn Ruby and RoR and also help in making new modules for Skid , if they want .

I am making a module which will help children with simple Picture editing . 🙂

The next lecture is scheduled for 17 August 2008 , 2230 hrs by IST and round about 10 am by Second life time . You can check the Second Life Events for correct timings and Venue as there can be a change .

To know more about Second Life , click here

* Names in Second Life

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