Installing Rmagick on Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix

I wanted to learn Rmagick and so the first step was to install Rmagick , so that I can use it in my Ruby applications and work with images too .

I found many solutions to install Rmagick on linux but after trying them out , I found out that Rmagick is not installed properly and I am not able to work with it .

Installing Rmagick can take near to 1 hour and therfore please be patient and let the system do whatever it is installing when Once the command has been given .

Installing Rmagick takes time and it is not so easy , as I found out 😀 .

So , below is the link which I followed to install Rmagick on my notebook

Most systems have tools specified in Step 0 and Step 1 already installed , so please check your system , so that you don’t install the preinstalled tools .

After confirming that you have the tools preinstalled , you can proceed with Step 2 and Step 3

In Step2 , I have installed ImageMagick and to know how to install ImageMagick on linux , go to and follow the instructions under ” Install from

Unix Source “.

After successfully installing ImageMagick , return to

and follow the Step 3 to install the Rmagick gem .

When you are successfully done with Rmagick installation , then write the command ‘locate rmagick‘ in the konsole and check the directory where Rmagick is installed , as this directory path can be very helpful for for future use .

I think , my post will help you in the installation of Rmagick and if this post doesn’t help you in successful installation of Rmagick then you can try other blogs and sources as well , because sometimes different distributions of linux need different steps to install cartain tools 🙂

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