Bluetooth in Kubuntu : How to set up and use ?

I tried setting up bluetooth in my Kubuntu Hardy Heron Kde4 Remix and after two tries I was successful in doing so , and that is why I thought that I should discuss it with you .

Setting up bluetooth is very easy , go to the Konsole / Terminal and type

sudo apt-get install kdebluetooth

it will ask you for your password and after you provide your password the installation will start .After installing some packages , you will asked the following question:

After this operation, 7037kB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue [Y/n]?

type ‘ y ‘ and press enter , the installation will complete in some time .

Now , to start bluetooth , write “kbluetooth” on the konsole / terminal and press enter .

You will see an icon of “kbluetooth”  in your panel(the one marked with a red circle and and an arrow)

Click on the image , if you are not able to view  it .

Go to the icon , right click on the icon and select  “send file

A window will open , whose image is given below  :

Searching Bluetooth Device(s) :

To search the bluetooth device(s) presently available , click the “search” button on the bottom left .

Sending file(s) to Bluetooth Device(s):

To send file(s) , choose the file(s) from the folder  and drag them into the box above the “send” button . Choose the device from the searched devices , click on the device to whom you want to send the file(s) and then click on “send” button . Your file(s) will be sent to the desired device . 🙂

8 thoughts on “Bluetooth in Kubuntu : How to set up and use ?

  1. Thanks for the info in this post, A A found it really helpful.

    Sending files from my phone to the Hardy system was easy too just start kbluetooth and then send from the phone and accept the connection on the Hardy system.

  2. Thank’s for sharing.
    Actually bluetooth driver not include at Kubuntu, isn’t it..?
    At ubuntu, with Gnome, bluetooth include.
    Ugh…, it’s problem for me because I need that’s bluetooth to connect to the internet with my cellphone.
    Not sure if 5 DVD repo Ubuntu have that driver…
    I’ll try..
    Once again, thank’s

  3. Thanks Bart, for taking out time and writing a comment.

    I have never faced the problem which you have mentioned.

    I think you should remove kdebluetooth and install it again, maybe this can help.

    For removing type
    “sudo apt-get remove kdebluetooth”
    and then follow the whole procedure again.

    I am sorry for not being able to provide you with a foolproof solution.
    You can check out Linux forums and blogs.


  4. hey,

    I removed and reinstalled kdebluetooth, but now it doesn’t seem to start.
    I can find it in the menu, but when I typ kbluetooth, or kdebluetooth or kdebluetooth4, I always get: “command not found”
    when I try to activate it in the menu, it just won’t start.
    any idea what i did wrong?


    • which linux distribution are you using ?
      I will try and find out something because I have moved on to Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.

      Meanwhile, you can also try and post the problem on your distribution’s site as there are many helpful people in the linux community.

  5. I am now using the latest version of Kubuntu (8.10)

    I have searched on a lot of linux community websites, but nobody seems to have the same problem as me.
    When I do lsusb in terminal, it does recognize my bluetooth adapter.

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