Full Calendar not working in Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8)



Sometime back, I got a task to integrate calendar in one of the web applications that I was working on. I checked out a whole bunch of options and finally settled on Full Calendar jQuery plugin, for doing the job. Full Calendar plugin is a free plugin, but, this plugin has all the features and an exhaustive documentation that can give all the paid plugins run for their money.

The jQuery plugin was working smoothly in all the browsers, until, I tested it on IE 8. I checked their support page and read that Full Calendar plugin was indeed compatible with IE 8 and their team had tested it, but, the jquery version mentioned was less than 2.0.x. I replaced the  jQuery version 2.1.1 present in the lib folder of the plugin with  jQuery version 1.11.1 and the plugin worked smoothly in IE 8 for me.

The jquery.min.js which was present in lib folder of the plugin had version was 2.1.1. If you are facing the same problem, then, I will suggest you to use jQuery version below 2.0.x.

Cheers 🙂

PostgreSQL : Inserting data into a table using Select query.

This is a small post describing the PostgreSQL query for inserting data into a table using Select Query, as I had to use it for solving some issue in one of my projects. So, the query is below :

INSERT INTO films (code, title, did, date_prod, kind)
    VALUES ('T_601', (SELECT title from FilmCode where id = 'T_601') , 
106, '1961-06-16', 'Drama');

So, what you have to basically do is to put the ‘Select’ query in round brackets () and execute the query [ The brackets are the main thing to watch out for, as, otherwise the query will give an error on execution.]. The required value will be fetched from the source table and inserted into the desired table.

Hope this helps 🙂

Could not connect to the Server : Connection timed out


If you trying to connect to a database, directory server or for any server for that matter and while you are running your application server, you  are getting the Error message Connection timed out in the stack trace, then, try the following remedies and see if these can help you :

1. Check in your configuration file whether you have given the correct IP address and port number of the server your trying to connect to.

2. Check if the credentials i.e. usernames and passwords are correct or not.

3. Unblock the ports of the server which you want to access in the firewall of the server.

Try running the application server once again and see if  this helps or not.

Thanks 🙂

Accessing file system of Linux Machine from a Windows Machine


Recently I got into a situation where I had a Linux machine and had to transfer files to and fro from a Window machine to a Linux machine and vice-versa.

There is a software named “WinSCP“. This software allows us to access the file system of a Linux Machine using a Windows machine.

You can access the file system of Linux and transfer the files using SFTP, which is SSH File Transfer Protocol

You can download the software from the below mentioned link :


The tutorial for using the software can be found here :


Thanks 🙂

PocketSMS and MorseTrainer are winner of mBillionth South Asia award 2012 and get appreciation and accolades at Vodafone Mobiles for Good award 2012

Winners List – mBillionth South Asia 2012 awards


This post was supposed to be written two weeks ago, but, I didn’t have the time initially to write it and when I had time, my energy was totally sapped. But, finally I am writing about this, now 🙂

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned that PocketSMS and MorseTrainer have been shortlisted for awards at Vodafone Mobile for Good 2012 and mBillionth awards South Asia 2012. I attended both the awards at Hotel Eros Intercontinental in Delhi.

So, the day started on a very energetic note, I attended the Inauguration Ceremony and was able to catch up on a very interesting speaker Tomi T. Ahonen who is a consultant and motivational speaker from Hong Kong and he has
written a book on mobile advertising and how to make mobile projects a successful venture. The book can be found here.

After attending the Inauguration Ceremony, I moved to our stall that was provided to all the finalists of Vodafone Mobiles for Good 2012 award.  I was there at the stall almost the whole day, and, met people from all walks of life: geeks, managers, journalists, founders of the companies etc. The one thing which all the people I met had in common, was, that they were all amazed by the whole concept
of PocketSMS and MorseTrainer. They all found this mobile application to be a revolutionary idea which could bring positive change to the lives of the people who are deaf and blind, so that, they can be integrated into the mainstream.

In the afternoon I attended a session in which Dr. Arun Mehta, gave a presentation on PocketSMS and MorseTrainer for the mBillionth award. PocketSMS and MorseTrainer are the brainchild of Dr. Mehta and with him I developed and co-designed the
application. Everyone who was present in the hall applauded the idea and  some of them were even awe-struck by the idea itself.

Come evening, and, I attended the round table discussion of the finalists of Vodafone Mobiles for Good from all the categories. This was the session I liked the most :).

This session was my favourite as I came across 3 applications, which I liked the most, among the applications that I had seen throughout the day. Yes, there were many applications catering to larger and very important issues as Maternity Health, Agriculture, Micro-finance, floods warning, community radio etc, but, the reason for my liking these apps was their sheer innovation. These applications were different from others, as, these had dared to tread the path of innovation. They were :

(Click on the links to know more about them )

So, the much awaited moment came in the evening, The Award Ceremony !!

We were all excited and anxious also at the start of the award Ceremony. There was an announcement that  all the finalists of Vodafone Mobiles Good 2012 will get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310. This announcement made us happy, as it was a nice prize for the finalists, considering, it was an award ceremony awarding  mobile applications. (yeah I know, this prize is nowhere comparable to Rs. 10 lakh grant to the winners of the award, but, as it is said  “Something is better than Nothing” 😀 😀 )

Now, slowly the award ceremony started and they started announcing the mBillionth award first, category by category. We patiently waited for our category, watching the amazing innovations winning awards. When our category was announced, on announcement we were declared as winner of the “special recognition award” in the “m-inclusion” category. Dr. Mehta went on the stage to receive the award.

Dr. Arun Mehta recieving the mbillionth award

Hmm, next came the turn of Vodafone Mobiles for Good award. Even though our brain was saying that this award must be a hard one to crack as there were some extremely good innovations but since optimism is the way to go, our hearts were somewhere expecting the award, and we were keeping our fingers crossed.

So, there was distribution of the Samsung tablets initially, and, I went on to receive the tablet.

Anmol Anand receiving the samsung galaxy tab 2

After collecting the tablet, there was an inkling inside, that, we were not in the contention for the award anymore, and that turned out to be the case. But yes ofcourse, the winners were worthy of the award and their application user base was very huge as compared to ours.

All in all it was a great learning and inspiring experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed  the event but also got tired to the core. :p 🙂

Enabling Macros and ActiveX in Excel


It’s time now for Indian Citizens to file their Income Tax Returns, and, this time the procedure to file the returns is online. So, instead of penning down your details on paper you have to fill the same details in Spreadsheet, which is full of macros that will reduce the manual work that you had to do earlier.

This is a great idea, and, a great step by Income Tax department. The problem that most of the people were facing was that of macro buttons not functioning when on clicking them.

The solution for the problem (if using Microsoft Office 2007 and above ) is as follows :

1. It’s best to use Microsoft Office, as, the Spreadsheet is in .xls format, which is propriety of Microsoft Office, so, If you are using OpenOffice or any other tools and facing problems, switch to Microsoft Office, if you can.

2. Now on Enabling the Macros in the xls sheet
a. Go to the Windows button on the top left of the window and click it.

b. On clicking the button, a panel will open. In that panel, click on the “Excel options” button on the botton right.

c.  A new window will open. Click on “Trust Center”

d. A new window appears, click on Trust center settings

e Click on “Macro Settings ” in the menu on the left hand side. In this click on the radio button against the option “Enable all macros (….)”

f. Now, click on “ActiveX Settings ” in the menu on the left hand side. In this click on the radio button against the option “Enable all controls without restrictions ……….”. 

g. Save the work if you had filled some fields in the form. Close the MS-Excel and reopen the file. Now the macros should work fine.

There is a help text file in the rar that you have downloaded from Income Tax department site. You can refer to that also if you are having MS Office version 2003 or below.

Thanks 🙂

Vibration Series of Mobile apps for deaf-blind (MorseTrainer and PocketSMS) gets nominated for mBillionth South Asia 2012 and Vodafone Mobiles for Good awards


Vibration Series of Mobile apps for deaf-blind i.e. MorseTrainer and PocketSMS, from Bapsi, have been nominated for finals in the Vodafone Mobiles For Good Award 2012.

Also, the approach of “marketing mobile phones for those, who fall between the cracks” from Bapsi has been selected as a finalist in the mBillionth Award South Asia 2012.

I was the co-designer and developer of both the applications.

The grand final of the two programmes is going to be organized on July 21st at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi. On the same day the 3rd International Mobile & Telecom Congress 2012, Mobile Asia EXPO will also be organized.


The Vodafone Mobiles For Good Award recognizes innovative use of mobile phones to benefit people who could not benefit from the information revolution.


The mBillionth Award South Asia, gathers information about social initiatives using mobile phones innovations and recognizes efforts to take mobile phones to people in last mile.

The link for the finalist page for Vodafone Mobiles For Good Award is as follows :


This recognition will surely help in spreading the word, and, help in reaching the target audience of the application and their well-wishers.

I hope these new innovations will make the lives of people better, and,  help in solving their accessibility problems, thereby, achieving the main aim of  bringing them into the mainstream, and, leading an independent life.

Thanks 🙂

Javascript method scrollintoview()


Sometime back I was working on a web application during my training in which I had to put a functionality on a certain page of the web app where when a  button was clicked the page should automatically scroll/navigate to a certain place on the same page.

So, after searching a lot for Javascript function, I came across “scrollintoview()” method. This method can be used to perform this sort of a functionality.

So, please find the link of the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) which explains this method in detail with example and helped me also in solving the problem.


Enjoy Learning 🙂


Today I saw the episodes of first season of Seinfeld, and, could not stop watching the show. Love the characters : Jerry, George, Elena and Kremer, All the four actors totally support and compliment each other and play their part to perfection,

The thing I liked most was the stand up acts that comes in between, and, whenever Kremer enters, it feels like, a loud laugh is just around the corner 😀

Loved the season 1 and can’t wait to see it further. Awesome!!!!

Have a lot of posts lined up, but, couldn’t wait to write about this 🙂

P.S. : I am thinking of moving this blog from being totally technical to a blog which has other posts too. Posts pertaining to other facets of life. So, the introductions that I am thinking of doing this is that, I will blog about movies that i see, books that i read and interesting stuff that I can come across, because, these things will truly justify walking down the memory lane 🙂

Articles on PocketSMS in Newspapers and Websites

SciDev : http://www.scidev.net/en/new-technologies/icts/news/indian-designer-develops-morse-based-texting-for-deaf-phone-users-1.html?utm_source=link&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=en_newtechnologies_icts

The Hindu : http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/technology/article3318264.ece

Dawn : http://dawn.com/2012/04/10/indian-designer-develops-morse-based-texting-for-deaf-phone-users/

Lanka Business Online :  http://www.lbo.lk/fullstory.php?nid=196980515

Medianama : http://www.medianama.com/2012/04/223-pocketsms-lets-visually-and-hearing-impaired-send-receive-sms/

tech2 : http://tech2.in.com/features/apps/pocketsms-app-for-the-deafblind/376842

deafhh.net http://www.deafhh.net/wp/2012/04/14/new-technology-for-deaf-blind-individuals/

Gizmowatch : http://www.gizmowatch.com/delhi-university-student-develops-app-aid-deaf-blind-texting.html

Rupa Bose’s Blog : http://rupabose.com/2012/05/13/morse-code-mobile-phones-and-multiple-disability/

Hubpages : http://viewfinders.hubpages.com/hub/The-blind-and-deaf-can-now-read-and-send-sms

Mobilityfeeds : http://www.mobilityfeeds.com/mobility-feed/2012/04/indian-student-brings-sms-to-deaf-and-blind-with-his-pocketsms-android-app.html

Technowriter: http://www.technowriter.net/2012/04/application-for-blind-and-deaf-to-read.html

Tuffphones : http://www.tuffphones.co.uk/blog/news-rugged-mobile-phones-and-software-for-the-impaired/

Veengle : http://www.veengle.com/s/deaf-blind.html

Articlesbase : http://www.articlesbase.com/cell-phones-articles/blind-and-deaf-too-can-now-read-sms-5859566.html

Android 3.2 SDK installation problem, “Done. Nothing was installed.”

I was installing Android SDK and was downloading the required packages, and while installing, my Anti-virus, restarted my laptop.

When I rebooted the laptop and tried downloading the remaining packages, I got this error “Done. Nothing was installed.”

I searched for the solution for the problem and found that if we run “sdk manager” as administrator, and, follow the normal steps, then this problem is resolved.

You can start the sdk manager by typing “sdk manager” in the start menu and follow the step mentioned above. 🙂

JDK not found, Android SDK installation

My windows had crashed, and, was reinstalling the software.

I was installing Android SDK API revision 12, and the JDK version that I was having on my system was JDK 7.

When I started the Android SDK installer, it said that, it was unable to find the JDK on my system.

I searched for the solution on the net, and, the simple solution for this (if you have a compatible JDK installed) is to just to press the BACK button and then press the NEXT, and you will see that, JDK is found.

This simple solution helped me solve my problem, I hope it helps to solve yours too.

Thanks 🙂

Youtube videos for PocketSMS


Recently, some videos that were related to my application, PocketSMS for Android, were uploaded on Youtube.

I am posting these videos below :

SMS for those both deaf and blind(Working explained)

Vibrations: Free Software for those both blind and deaf

Android input for the Deaf-Blind Graffiti(keyboard Installation)

Downloading and Installing PocketSMS

PocketSMS and MorseTrainer version 1.1 developed


I have developed version 1.1 of  PocketSMS and MorseTrainer.

PocketSMS version 1.1, allows you to send a message to the person of your choice by typing in their number, and, apart from that the problem of automatic opening of the keyboard when moving from reading to writing section or vice-versa has been resolved in this version.

MorseTrainer version 1.1,  shows the morse code of the alphabet that you want to learn, along with vibrating it. Each dot or dash that is being vibrated is also shown one by one being appended to the text currently present in the textbox.

The app will be available shortly for free download from http://www.bapsi.org/Home/vibrations-series-of-products-for-deafblind

Thanks 🙂

Anmol Anand at EFY Design Engineers’ Conference-Innovator’s Talk

I spoke at Electronics For You Design Engineers’ Conference-Innovator’s Talk in EFY Expo, that was held from 17-19th Feb 2011 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I was representing Bapsi in the conference.

I know, I am posting this quite late, but, the reason for posting it now is that I found the video of my presentation at the EFY Design Engineers’ Conference-Innovator’s Talk, and, therefore, I thought that I should write a post on it.

In this video or my presentation I am telling about modules of SKID, that I had worked on in my graduation summer training.

Apart from SKID, I introduced the concept behind the SMS application for Deaf-blind that I had started working on, in this presentation,and, the ideas which have now culminated into an app named PocketSMS, in the five months that followed this presentation.

The link for the video of my presentation at EFY Design Engineers’ Conference-Innovator’s Talk is given below :


Thanks 🙂

PocketSMS : Android SMS application for deaf-blind persons

I have developed an Android application that enables persons who are deaf and blind both to receive and send SMS. I have named this application, PocketSMS.

I developed this application using App Inventor by Google, under my Summer Training at Bapsi.

Below, I am posting various links related to PocketSMS application ranging from working of app, help documentation, downloading tutorial etc.

Link to download PocketSMS :


PocketSMS page on Bapsi website :


Video link explaining the theme and working of project :


Online Help Manual for PocketSMS explaining how to download PocketSMS, how to download Graffitti keyboard for using with the app, How deaf-blind persons can learn Morse code etc :


Pdf Download link for PocketSMS Help download :


So, above are the links that will help you download and understand concept behind making PocketSMS app.

I hope you will like my work 🙂

App Inventor : Books, Tutorials, Mailing Lists, Groups etc


I have finished my SMS app for deaf and blind, and, I have written it in App Inventor ( will blog about it soon ).

I thought I should write a post regarding the tutorials available on the internet for App Inventor, that I had used to learn the nuances of App Inventor. So below is the list ::

Introduction to App Inventor, before starting

Books and Videos


Reference Documentation

Mailing Lists / Forums / Groups 

I hope this will help you in your quest to learn App Inventor and create Apps.
All the best 🙂